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Thank you for visiting my page… Normally , a common question that people ask me is “When did You begin writing?” Well, writing has been so much a part and parcel of my life that it is 1016884_233803680120624_2035359152_nreally difficult to recollect. However, I am sure that it began during my school days. I must have been in Highschool then. I remember scribbling poems in my notes. An incident that comes vividly to my mind is when I submitted a poem of mine for school magazine, one of my teachers said, “You must have copied it. You can’t write this!” To which I barely managed to smile. Those were the days when I rarely spoke. All my thoughts used to take the form of words and they found place in my writings. I promptly took my poem back because she seemed to have no belief in me. However, soon recognition came my way and I was elected as a poetess in our Debating and Literary Society in the school. Soon, a few poems got published in the local newspaper ‘THE HITAVADA’ which was a prominent newspaper in Nagpur. Seeing the poems being published in the main paper, I would be ecstatic. However the time to concentrate on my studies had arrived; I wished to do Engineering . Thus, writing poems though continued, sending it for publication took a back seat for a while. My poetry would find its place in my diary, well hidden from the world. When my daughter was born, I used to fascinate her into a colourful world of my well imagined stories. Initially, the narration of stories was for her benefit; that her imagination power would grow. But later, she would insist that I tell her one new story every day. When she was about ten years old, one day my husband said, “You must have by now narrated to Simran at least three to four thousand stories. Why don’t you scribble them and send them to various magazines?” Thus began my journey into the world of writing.Surprisingly for me, my stories would be accepted in most of the magazines and journals. The year was 2008. Since then, I have been writing stories, poems, novels etc and my readers have been appreciating my efforts which is an inspiration enough for me to continue. It is indeed heartwarming to receive feedbacks and I look forward to them, as I treat them as a means for further improvement in my writing. I would be obliged if You could send me one. Thank you. – Neelam

About Neelam 

Neelam Saxena Chandra, an Engineer by profession, completed her degree in Engineering in Electronics & Power Engineering from V.N.I.T., Nagpur and went on to finish PG Dip in I.M & HRD and PG Dip in Finance Mgmt. Currently, she works for the Indian Railways. She shares a world of word fantasy thanks to her incurable passion of writing poetry and fiction. Around six hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian as well as international magazines, anthologies and journals. Her stories/poems have been transmitted by Akashwani (Radio) also. Neelam has been nominated by Forbes India Magazine among the 100 most well known authors.

Published Books
Published Books

Books published

  Can I have this chance – A novel by Authors Press

  Soul Seekers- A novel by LiFi Publications

  Rishtey Mohabbat ke – A short story collection in Hindi by Omji Publishers.

  Pankhudiyan – A short story collection for children by Sadhna Publications.

  The Delicate Wings – A poetry collection by The Poetry Society of India

  Layers of flickering lights – A poetry collection by Authorspress India.

  Silhouette of Reflections – A poetry collection by YS Books International.

  The Purple Moon– A poetry collection by First Step Publishing

  Hues of Love – A poetry collection by Writers Empire.

  Treacherous Lady – A novella by Pageturn Publishers.

  Tales from Sundervan – A short story collection for children by Sahni Publications.

  Chanda – A picture book for children by Room to Read.

  Five tales – A short story collection for children by Naman Publications

  Winter Shall fade – A poetry collection along with co-author Simran Chandra published by Omji Publishers

  Her Story – is not always a story - A collection of short stories along with different authors by Petals Publishers

  Zindagi Ki Kalam Se - A Hindi poetry collection along with coauthors Ankit Gupta “Aseer”, Diwakar Pokhriyal and Priyanka Bansal

  Skylines  – A short story collection for children by Authors Press.

  As Beginner for a Beginning – A short story collection along with diffrent authors by Authors Press.

  Casket of Stories – A short story collection by Omji Publishers.

  Asha Ke Pankh – A Hindi poetry collection by Airavat Publishers.

  Pluck out the heart – A Short Story collection by Airavat Publishers.

  Preet pakhi – A Hindi poetry collection by Brahmsarovar Book Corner.

  Zindgii Ittefaq haii  – A Hindi Novel by Authors Press.

  Patriyan Kuch Kehti Hain – A Hindi poetry collection for by Authors Press.

  Dil se  – A Hindi poetry collection for children by Authors Press.

  Tals of EON– A poetry collection by Authorspress India.

  Transcending hearts – A poetry collection by Authorspress India.

  Sands Of TIme – A short story collection by Panther House Paper & Digiutal Publication LLP

  Taanke Hain kuch Sitaare – A Hindi poetry collection by Authorspress India.

  Bulbule Khyalon Ke – A Hindi poetry collection by Authorspress India.

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