Treacherous Lady

Colleagues, Rajan and Mohit bond over love affairs gone sour. While Mohit was jilted by Anu in the past, Rajan’s bitter about the way Priya left him and disappeared, almost on the eve of their wedding.

Enter Sulakshana and Varsha, two women who could heal the scars of the past for Rajan and Mohit respectively. But the ghosts of the past haunt both men, and they are looking for closure.

The obnoxious Vijay has something up his sleeve, something surprising and shocking. When he reveals it all, Rajan and Mohit’s lives tumble towards the closure they were looking for.

Will true love prevail? Or will the past haunt them forever?

TITLE: Treacherous Lady
GENRE: Fiction novel
PUBLISHER:Pageturn Publisher

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