The Purple Moon

‘The Purple Moon’ is a collection of a hundred poems which emote the different sentiments and phases of love.What really is love?

What really is love? It is a feeling most difficult to define; it is a sentiment, to be felt, smelled, drunk and tasted – for it is the most subtle emotion. , When one is in love for the first time, many raw feelings en wrap him or her. One may just be crazy, have a simple desire to meet the sweetheart or may just feel something very divine…On the other hand, there are chances of one getting annoyed, developing jealousy and hatred and may end up doing random acts. However, as love matures, the feelings also mature and it is then that the lovers realize that love is something more than just these raw feelings.

Love brings out the deepest of emotions and is the purest of all feelings. True love makes one fly, giving the person in love a pair of wings, making one expand one’s horizons.
‘The Purple Moon’ is a treat to all those who have ever experienced love.

TITLE: The Purple Moon

GENRE: Poetry
PUBLISHER:First Step Publishing
RELEASE DATE: April 2014

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