The Delicate wings

The Delicate Wings’ is a collection of one hundred poems which talk about the struggles, the conflicts and the efforts required to maintain the delicate balance between the grief and the desire to soar, the downfalls and the confidence to rise once again and the several ways and approaches to control losing to pessimism and disenchantment.

A bud does not know that it will bloom into a flower someday and spread fragrance and cheer in the world. A dark night on a new moon day does not know that one day it shall shimmer and radiate. But then, if one has the endurance, one shall realize that everything is well-ordained and is being planned by Him for our well being. So one should keep the spirit of optimism alive and keep surging ahead…


TITLE : The Delicate Wings
GENRE : Poetry Collection
PUBLISHER: The Poetry Society of India
RELEASE DATE : March 2014

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