Soul Seekers

When Yatin requests Pia to accompany him to the Red Club, Pia not only agrees but also enjoys herself. She falls in love with Yatin, which is more than happily reciprocated by him. In a strange twist, Yatin is found absconding the very next day. Desolate and forlorn, Pia resigns from her job and joins a management college as a student. And, Yatin also later joins the college as a professor. Meanwhile, Pia’s proximity to another ex-colleague Atul increases and the two begin sharing a special relationship. Soul Seekers is the love story of two simple people who keep struggling with their own feelings and difficulties till destiny finally

TITLE: Soul Seekers
GENRE: Fiction Novel
PUBLISHER: LiFi Publications

Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai
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Learning and Creativity

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