SILHOUETTE OF REFLECTIONS is a collection of poems in which the poet tries to reflect and ruminate upon the various emotions which cross one’s mind in search of peace. The ultimate aim of life is, of course, happiness and peace is, naturally, derived from happiness. Happiness is a pursuit which keeps changing depending upon the frame of reference, time, age, experience, knowledge and the level of one’s own harmony with him/her.

But, how does one seek happiness?

Is it tangible?

Is it everlasting?

The poet dwells upon these questions through her poems in her quest to find the answer to these most elusive queries in her unique way. Certain poems seem to arise from her own experience, while others are based on imaginations. The strength of feelings is evitable in all poems. So is the underlying optimism. And the best part is that the poems have been expressed in such a simple manner that it is not at all difficult to understand them.

TITLE: Silhoutte of Reflections
GENRE: Poetry Collection
PUBLISHER:YS Books International

Algonquins Table

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