Her Story

Strong women are steady pillars to development and they should work for their bright future. 10410506_894784617208030_3334258068262924718_nWomen will strengthen themselves when they will work. There is no gender inequality at workplace and this holds true only when women work and stand brave. Development of individual is development of society, women play crucial role in it.

“Her Story” is the story of every woman and belongs to all spheres of her life. This anthology carries brilliant collection of stories of women’s life. The stories are in their workspace, their home, out on the road and cover almost every corner that touches women’s life. This anthology is an eye opener, which will help people to know what exactly a woman is, what her desires are, what she wants to be, what she should have been and what restricted her to not to be what she wanted to be.

TITLE :- Her Story
GENRE :- Fiction
PUBLISHER :- Petals Publisher
RELEASE DATE :- 15 September 2014

Suyash Corner
Arvind Sampath

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