Can I Have This Chance

TITLE : Can I Have This Chance

GENRE : Fiction Novel

PUBLISHER : Authorspress India

Avantika, a fiery young journalist, is about to board a flight to New York to pay a visit to the Editor of The New York Times, to consider a job offer she received as a result of her hard work and determination as a crime journalist in India. Little does she know that this one brief trip will change her life forever. Minutes before boarding her flight, she receives a proposal, which leads her to a very imperative decision – career against love. She tries postponing the impending decision, to enjoy her short voyage. Suddenly, in the midst of her turbulent thoughts, she notices a man walking up the aisle of the aeroplane, a gun in hand. Before she manages to digest this news and the fact that the plane is far away from civilisation, hovering somewhere above the Atlantic; with a jolt, she realises that the hijacker is a man she recognises- a man from her past! From the villages of North India, to the posh highways of New York, this is a story about courage, justice, love, sacrifices, a quest for the truth, and crucial choices, all revolving around the life of a simple woman from India, but with a fire in her eyes to prove herself. Read on, to find out more.

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