As a Beginner for a Beginning

Children are a powerhouse of talent. It is extremely necessary to tap their potential and give 10941845_10206067520236475_1783362906142013439_n (1)them an opportunity to showcase their talents. As a Beginning for Beginners is one such earnestly taken step in this direction.

Twenty one young authors in the age group of 11 to 21 joined this venture from a nationwide contest and their stories have been presented on the canvas of this book. Each story is different and unique and is representative of the astonishingly fertile mind of the light of future India — right from action to romance, sci-fi to human relations and personal experiences to anecdotes, this anthology covers the various aspects of life which a reader is bound to enjoy and cherish, and wonder if this is the brain of India-in-the-Making!


TITLE :- As a beginner for a Beginning
GENRE :- Short Story
RELEASE DATE :- Jan 2015

Deep Ties

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